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All of my masks are made of paper in plaster moulds allowing me to make copies. After 15 copies have been pulled from a mould it is destroyed.  Although they are made in moulds, each mask, from the same mould, has it's own unique character.

The masks are extremely light and strong. They are comfortable to wear and easily customized for individual performers using foam pieces inside the mask. My masks have withstood years of international touring with various companies.

All of the masks are completely repairable. For the most part it is the elastics that need to be replaced, they simply give out after a few years. I have found the elastic usually lasts for about 8 to 10 years. Occasionally a mask will get damaged. I have had noses broken, sides squashed, and other minor damages done to them. I have also done major repairs. I had one mask whose nose had been broken almost completely off. (I have no idea how that happened and I didn't ask).

They are painted white (except on request) which allows light to play on them. This helps them to change expression when worn. After being used for a while they begin to get dirty. The oils and dirt on people’s hands comes off on the mask. This gives them a wonderful natural patina, something I have never been successful at duplicating. When they are new they are a bit bright, but with time they age and develop a patina causing their expressive qualities to increase.

If you are interested in my masks please contact me through the "contact" page.

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