I have been working with clay for many years, but not until recently have I been able to devote more time to this wonderful hobby.

I use a low fire clay with Duncan and Amaco glazes.

Recently I have been working on the 'Memory Fragment' pieces. All of them, at the moment, are bowls. These pieces incorporate small fragments of sentences, thoughts, ideas on the inside of the bowl. Some of them I have read, some I have heard others speak. They are bits and pieces of ideas, thoughts, sentences words that when isolated, have numerous meanings depending on who is reading them. On some of them the letters are embossed and like the idea behind this work, they are barley visible. The words disappear into the bowls as the words, when they were spoken, blended into the conversation.

Each of my ceramic pieces are one of a kind. I use moulds for the  shape but the decoration is unique.

All my ceramic work is for sale. If you see anything you like, send me a note and I will get back to you. I make work on order also, so if you have something in mind let me know and we can discuss things.

I require 50% up front via email payment and the remainder once the work has been delivered. Shipping charges are extra.


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