Photo: Tim Matheson

As a puppet maker I have been designing and building puppets for many years for a variety of companies including Axis Theatre and Mortal Coil Performance Society, both of Vancouver. My puppet designs for the acclaimed children’s show The Little Old Man were nominated for a Jessie Richardson award. I have created puppets for a number of Mortal Coil shows, including Letters From Lithuania (with the wonderful puppet maker Tamara Unroe) and The Fairy Play at the Sharing Farm in Richmond B.C.

Recently, for Axis Theatre, I designed and built the "Mr. Hatch"  puppet for their adaptation of the book by Eileen Spinelli Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch. Barb Clayden and I won a Jessie Richardson Award for our work on Mr. Hatch. I built him and she made his clothes.

Most recently for Mortal Coil I've been part of the design team working on their 12 foot puppet.

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