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I have been designing puppets for many years for a variety of theatre companies. Some of the projects I have been involved with in the past few years include the following.

A variety of puppets for Mortal Coil Performance. These include "Letters from Lithuania" (with Tamara Unroe) and shows in partnership with Tsatsu Stalqayu (Coastal Wolfpack) including “Salmon Row" and "The Faerie Play". This past year I was honoured to design masks and puppets for the Mortal Coil Performance and Tsatsu Stalqayu (Coastal Wolfpack) production of “Siiye’yu” (friends, relatives) A Grand Act of Great Hope Presented by the National Arts Centre. I was also one of the designers and builders on the 12-foot puppet "Meh" for Mortal Coil Performance also in partnership with Tsatsu Stalqayu (Coastal Wolfpack).

Working with Theatre Bagger I designed and built the puppets for the acclaimed children’s show "The Little Old Man" These were nominated for a Jessie (The Vancouver Theater Award). The Mr. Hatch puppet I designed and built, along with Barb Clayden who made his costume, for their show "Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch" won us a Jessie.

This year I am once again collaborating with Barb Clayden on the puppets and masks for Axis Theatre's co-production with Mortal Coil Performance in the upcoming show, "Cry Heart, But Never Break".

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